Soapstone is a natural quarried stone from the Steatite family, having as its main mineral components talc, chlorite, dolomite and magnesite.

Due to its mineral composition and high percentage of talc, it has a warm,silky and soft sensation, giving the name Soapstone, due to its “soapy” feeling.

Soapstone is unique for its temperature retaining and conducting properties, making it the perfect stone for fireplaces, countertops, walls and flooring since it quickly absorbs heat and radiates it long after the heat source is over, making it a comfortable and cost-effective stone. Even though Soapstone has its soft “soapy” touch, Soapstone is siliceous, meaning a very dense, denser than marble, slate, limestone and even granite, and non-porous stone. Since it’s a non-porous stone, it cannot be “sealed” or “treated”, so you can use any kind of cleanser or bleach on its surface and never have to worry about removing the chemical sealer like you would with granite, marble or limestone. Also by been a siliceous, Soapstone it is unaffected and unharmed by acids and alkalis found in everyday substances like lemon, vinegar and wine, so it does not stain and it will not etch. So with its high density and non-porous properties, Soapstone is a natural “Anti-Bacterial” surface. This is why through the years Soapstone is widely used in chemistry lab countertops and acid rooms.

The Soapstone colors are dark gray, varying to blueish or greenish gray,black and green. Natural veining is normal to Soapstone varying from light to dramatic veining. When treated with mineral oil, the stone will turn to a charcoal color. Over a period of time, Soapstone develops a patina look, which gives a rich, beautiful and unique character.

With all of this characteristics, Soapstone, is with no doubt the perfect option for your project.

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